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Nikon & Canon Join Hands to Bring A Selfie Only DSLR.

In an unprecedented development, Canon and Nikon have joined hands together to bring a Selfie only DSLR. Sony, Leica and Pentax have also pledged their support for this grand project. The DSLR will primarily target the huge market of selfie lovers who buy phone & camera only to take selfies and are obsessed with megapixels. Sony will be providing the sensors while Leica will manufacture the lenses for the Selfie DSLR. It is also speculated that the camera will come with a lot of inbuilt apps like ‘Beauty Triple Plus’, ‘Retrica 24×7’ and ‘Selfie 365’. The camera settings will adjust to the face automatically and apply optimal settings like ISO, Shutter Speed and aperture.

The technical specifications will satisfy any ‘Specification Hungry Soul’. According to leaked internal reports from the R&D team of Sony, it will have a massive 39 megapixels CMOS sensor so that the photos that come out will have sufficient data to manipulate during the post processing (if required). The camera will have direct connectivity to Facebook and Instagram for those who would like to upload it straight to social media. Snapchat is also willing to contribute some filters to this grand project.

It will be water resistant upto 50m depth and will feature state of the art anti dust mechanism. The camera will not have any physical button except for the shutter button. There is no need to press the shutter button halfway down to focus as it will be touch sensitive. It will quickly focus, lock and capture image as soon as you touch it courtesy of the latest and greatest EXPEED5 processor found on the Nikon D5.

There will be one lens available as of now in the kit. It is developed by the legendary German company Leica and is an ultra wide-angle lens. At 6mm focal length, it will be the widest lens available in market for consumer use. There is another version coming out sometime later this year which will combine telephoto-macro option with the ultra-wide angle one. This will enable the camera user to zoom in on their face and highlight the colors of their eyes and teeth if required. A true macro experience indeed. The camera will be available in Ferrari Red, Hot Pink, Rose Gold and Royal Blue color. You will have to pay additional $49 for the Black model.

Reportedly Apple and Samsung are furious over these developments and are planning to launch their own models and launch it soon. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Nikon&Canon are planning to eat their market share by launching this Selfiematic DSLR. However both Nikon CEO Makoto Kimura and Canon CEO Fujio Mitarai denied it in one voice and said its just competitive evolution. Samsung CEO refused to comment on the developments.

The recent developments may also start a patent war among the industry giants.

The price will be announced soon but you can leave a ‘guess’ in comments below. The camera is set to launch on the first of April. Also do share this post with your friends and family so that they would be able to pre-order as soon as it becomes available.


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Comment by Frans van Heerden on April 4, 2016 at 4:31pm
Net so Karen!net so
Comment by Karen Kemp on April 4, 2016 at 4:15pm

hahaha...so ek kan my gesteelde Canon vervang met n hotpink selfie kamera....en sodoende elke vergrote sweetgaatjie op my hot pink gevreetjie adverteer met daai 39mpixels

Comment by Dine Potgieter on April 2, 2016 at 10:49am

Onthou net op 1 April middernag verander alle selfies in pampoenfotos!

Comment by Frans van Heerden on April 1, 2016 at 4:15pm

Igno SHH!!

Comment by Igno van Niekerk on April 1, 2016 at 4:05pm

Onthou asseblief die datum...

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